JULY 26, 2012

Summer Classes:

Love, No Deposit No Return Art Quilt

Summer Saturdays at Roxannes:
July 28: Love, No Deposit No Return Art Quilt
Aug 18: 3 Fabric Quilt

Don't forget our Open Sew, Open Knit, and Wonderful Wednesday Evening classes ongoing through the summer.

Give us a call to sign up for our classes. You will have fun and enjoy your time spent here with our fabulous staff. 805-566-1250

Workshops are full. Call to place your name on a waiting list. 805-566-1250


Some Beautiful Quilts to Close Out July and
Meet Our Wonderful Knitting Instructor!

This exciting quilt is called "Simple Gifts" and is available as a kit or just get the pattern and design your own colors.

Michelle is wrapped up in the magnificent Kaffe Fassett quilt "S Block Quilt". Don't you know someone you want to wrap up and snuggle in this great quilt!

"Blocks and Bars" makes a darling quilt, available as a kit or pattern.

The "S Block Quilt" is from the book Country Garden Quilts, due in next week at the shop. Time to start planning your next quilt!

This "Radiant Star Quilt" (below) is from the book by the same name from one of our favorites, Eleanor Burns. There are so many ways to make this quilt!

Ranell is teaching a class on it in August! Call and sign up, you will be so proud of yourself!

If you cannot attend the class, we also have the book available for those of you who are adventurous! See you soonl


Come and meet Lori Graham. She is a fabulous knitting instructor and really enjoys what she teaches! Lori says Anyone Can Knit! All it takes is a ball of yarn, a pair of needles and the desire to create.

Helping to pass on this ancient craft is a passion of Lori's. In 2011 she traveled to New York City to become a certified knitting instructor at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She especially loves teaching beginners and children, and believes there is nothing more rewarding than seeing others discover the joy in knitting!

We hope to see you soon at
Roxanne's, A Wish and A Dream!