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Jelly Roll Race!

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Kaffe Book Signing
Oct. 18, 3-4 pm



This Week at Roxanne's A Wish and A Dream

Now if this wasn't made especially for us I just don't know what was! This is so much fun! Great for a kitchen, or a kids room...or your office! We should all be Deliriously Happy!

These Angels are so creative and fun! they are flyin' right out of here!

Don't they just make you smile!


One of our favorite artists, Kelly Rae.

And of course, the Curly Girls...
who say the most perfect things.

Yes, I have bird love, I have to fit them in here.

Don't you know someone who needs this cute box for their special things?

A great reminder of how we should
all approach life!

I just cannot resist this fun stuff.

And more birds! They make my heart sing!

This is a fun calendar.

Don't you just love these fun flowers?

And a Folk Art Rooster...I've never seen one quite like this one!

Thanks for enjoying all this fun art with us!

We received some fantastic Knitting books this week, Come in and take a look, you will be inspired!


The Zephyr's Shawl is made of the softest yarn and the most beautiful and delicate sparkles!

It comes in a kit with everything you need, including the pattern! Make it yourself, or give to a knitting friend.

These cute little initials and charms make
a cute and inexpensive gift.
We have lots to choose from!

Yes, a great little message!

And do not forget all the beautiful new Kaffe Fabric,
it is going fast!


Thank you for your kindness and support...
it's the best part of business!
Roxanne's, A Wish and A Dream!