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Harlequin Diamond Quilt with Ranell

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"You Might Have an Angel Near" Art Quilt with Roxanne

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Kaffe and Brandon at
Roxanne's A Wish and A Dream!

Hey, These guys are a lot of fun!

With this much color, who could not smile!

Our Kaffe Fassett workshops were great!

Many beautiful quilts in progress!

Smiles and Color Everywhere!

Amazing how many combinations we came up with!

And some of our new quilters were especially delighted!

Brandon is very encouraging!

Kaffe is inspiring!

Everyone was happy!

We really got a lot accomplished.

Great energy everywhere!

Kaffe's comments were wonderful!

Coming along nicely.

Plenty of room to work.

Becky M. matched the fabric!

Color, color, color

And mounds of fabric everywhere!

Even the tables were fun!

Some were neat and tidy....

Some were just a volcano of color!

Thank you everyone for your
great enthusiasm!

Your joy!

Your creativity!

The great workshop!

Thank you to all,
and especially to Kaffe and Brandon!

Roxanne's, A Wish and A Dream!