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Coming March 10:
Featherweight Maintenance

Don't forget our weekly classes in knitting, crocheting, beginning sewing and quilting.


This Week at
Roxanne's, A Wish and A Dream

Here is our store manager Michelle.
She is the greatest!
Everyone loves her special attention.
She is always happy to help with any project!

Here's something to keep your toes cozy

Roxanne's crazy stitcheries are fun to do!

These angels scream JOY!

We have great gifts too!

And a fun tote to carry it all!

This is fun!

These guys need a home.

Who can resist these little fellas.

These felt flowers are fun to decorate with.

We are getting the pattern ready for the Quilt Shop Tour coming May 31, June 1 & 2!
This is our free pattern!


We love our Singer Featherweight's!

We have all the best colors!

America's favorite cotton yarn,
Cotton Classic!
So many wonderful colors!

Quick and easy, do you want to make one for someone you love?

Have you seen our very special
Waxing Poetic Jewelry?

It is so lovely.

And it is Spring, so celebrate!

Hip-pity hop-pity Easter is on its way...
early this year!

Here's an Easter present for
the Prince in your life!

Becky has the "Fishy Quilt" kits ready!

Available in several colorways
(love the boots on this one)

These flags are so cute!

Spell anything you heart desires!

Love these little mermaids!

And these little birdie dishes are adorable.

We love them!

Some lovely crosses just came in!

If you haven't seen our shop lately, come on in!

Sunsets are for dreamers and their contemplation benefits the soul...enjoy the sky!

Thank you for your continued inspiration and support!