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This Week at
Roxanne's, A Wish and A Dream

Just had to share our Boston Strong Quilters!
There are so many who helped! We are truly thankful for all of the great support!

Age 9, Learned to sew, and learned to help others!
Some sewed for days! On their featherweights!

You have all been our dear angels this week! Our hearts are filled with gratitude!

Boston Strong!

Here are the quilts being made! This is amazing!
So many contributed and gave of their time and skill!
Thank you to everyone! I am truly overwhelmed and overjoyed!
We will post more pictures when we have them,
but wanted you all to see the just 10 days!
Wow! That's Incredible!

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Here is the beautiful hand dyed Anzula Yarn we have been waiting for.
The colors will make you want to do nothing but knit!!!
Each one more beautiful than the last, and it knits up beautifully.

Aren't these packages of Perle Cotton great! And the colors are great too!
We also have the very lovely Valdani Perle Cotton, in both size and 8!

And Roxanne made some fun pincushions stuffed with walnut shells.
Oh, you want to make your own, yes, we have the walnut shells too!

Oh, it's been an optimistic week and I think dots are very optimistic little things, don't you!
Always fun to add to your quilts! And I especially love the black and whites!

But color is great too! Gotta love it. Large and small.

Little ones, And big ones. These look like buttons!
Opps! Couldn't resist throwing in a few kitties! These have got to make you smile!

Oh My, so many dots!

All kinds! Fun Colors. There's one in here that looks like a fried egg!

And Kaffe dots, no spots.

We have a fun collection of panels

Here is a very cute little zipper purse! Just can't get enough!

Our latest new Babies, the Singer 221 Featherweight Candy Apple Red.

Tiffanies Blue, and Truly Turquoise, next to each other so you can see the difference!
Both are beautiful!


Have a great week everybody! Enjoy everyday!

Make Someone's Heart Sing!
Thanks for bringing some sunshine our way!
~ Roxanne