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Roxanne's, A Wish and A Dream

We would love to have you come to visit our very cute and unique shop
in the beautiful seaside town of Carpinteria, Califoria!

We have some very cute charms made of Roxanne’s Quilts.


This is from a quilt made for the Carpinteria Volunteers Host Program, It is at the downtown visitors kiosk.

This is from an inspirational quilt made for her daughter.


Did you know we have a cute pattern for a knitted nest,
along with a cute kit!

There are several variations.

No two ever turn out alike, yours will be unique!

We just love embroidery!
We have the patterns, towels and the floss.
Or you can purchase these already made

We have some very cute ways to organize your notions! These are little silk boxes, and just beautiful!

We received some very cute sewing boxes this week!


WE love it when friends stop by with their quilts, this was made from one of our kits.
She quilted it herself.

Bee made this very large quilt, and the scraps made a small quilt for her little boy.
Isn’t he the cutest!

This was a fun variation of a Chinese Lantern. The hand quilting on the side is so special.


Kid’s Sewing, a Great Success!
All earned their driver’s license the first day... sewing machine drivers license, that is!

Yay, Linda’s favorite needles, John James Straw Needles #11 are here!

Hey, fun fabrics for summer fun!

Sea Shells by the Sea shore.

Something fun for an apron.

Turtle fun!

Great for kids stuff!


Fish in Hawaiian Shirts.
Even fish need a vacation sometimes!

Yea, who doesn’t like fun chickens!

The bugs are back.

By the Sea, by the sea,

By the beautiful sea!

This great little notions case is so handy! Magnetic on one side to hold scissors and pins, etc... And here are some cute stitch holders for the other side. Have fun with this one! Makes a great gift too!

We love our Bird Brain Designs....but someone walked off with our sample!
Oh ladybug, ladybug fly away home....

We feel we must share our darling cards with you!
More arrive all the time and they are so sweet!
Isn’t this cute for a new baby????  Or this?



Yes! We have all kinds of zippers and our new notions are arriving daily!
More and more!
Any requests?

We are still loving our flags! spell anything you want!

These are from our brand new line.....magical.

Need a little giftie for a friend?


Here are some new friends we met today...we had such a good time!

They were angels!

And another frequent angel visitor...
Such a sweetheart!


Watch for our big Sale at the end of the month and first week of September...
Samples of some of your favorites, Roxanne’s quilts, lots of fabrics at 40-50-75% off! And Yarn too!

We are getting ready for some big changes...more notions, more fabrics, more yarn, more of everything!
We must make room to rearrange! You will love it! Watch our newsletter, website and Facebook page!


I caught this magnificent bird flying through my backyard! I was thrilled!
You cannot believe how big he is, when he was standing up he looked like a little man!
It’s a Great Blue Heron.

Thanks for visiting our shop and inspiring all of us with your talents, enthusiasm and good spirits! Please visit our Facebook page, like us, and find out more of what
is going on here at Roxanne’s!
Life is good, appreciate every little thing!