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This Week at
Roxanne's, A Wish and A Dream

We celebrated Aldean’s Birthday! Yay, Happy Birthday!

All About Our Featherweights...

Many people have been asking for more information on our Singer 221 Featherweight Machines. I am listing what colors we have in stock today below with a picture. We get more in every week, and we sell some every week. Most colors we repeat, but many of these machines are one of a kind.

Please see our website, for more pictures and information. All of our machines are serviced and sewn on before they are put out for sale.

This machine is called Nifty Navy, although it has a little of a purplish color to it.
It has an Egyptian Scroll Face and is priced at $1200.00.


Tiffany Blue is a real delicate beauty, come with black decals, an Egyptian Scroll Face and is $1250.00.

An Original Basic Black, a lovely machine, shiny and good looking! It has the prism style decal and a numbered needle plate for $585.00.


This is a cute little machine, unfortunately with a few scratches on the front edge. It sews beautifully and is a great little workhorse for $485.00.

Another black beauty, this one with the chrome wheel, a rarity. It has an Egyptian Scroll face and a little wear on the decal. $600.00


This is a very nice black machine, shiny, sews beautifully and is $585.00


We call this cutie “The Ladybug”. It is a beautiful true red with black decals. It has the prized Egyptian Scroll Face and a chrome wheel. $1275.00


The Tangerine Twist is a beautiful machine, with an Egyptian Scroll Face and black decals. $1250.00


The Lime Squeeze is one of our favorites! With an Egyptian Scroll Face and black decals, it is stunning. $1250.00


This Raspberry is a real delight! It has it all, Chrome Wheel, Egyptian Scroll Face and numbered needle plate. $1275.00


Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Turquoise! This is a real cutie, it has the numbered needle plate, and the beautiful Egyptian Scroll Face. $1275.00


Barbie Pink! A sweet little machine with black decals and an Egyptian Scroll Face, $1250.00.


We call this Lipstick Red. It has the Egyptian Scroll Face and gold decals. $1250.00


It's happening... Less than a month from now!

Santa Barbara Quilting Retreats presents
Freddy Moran and Roxanne Barbieri:
“Freddy’s Feathered Friends” -- March 9-15, 2014

We hope those of you who love color and whimsey will be able to join us!
For information please go to
It’s going to be a lot of fun!




And if you need to run in for a last minute valentines gift,
these cute little hearts are just $1.99!

We have so many new things in the’s all brand new!

Yes, I am a bird lover!


Don’t let the sun rise or set without noticing and giving thanks.
Carpinteria Beach Sunset....

We are looking for a very special person to become
a member of our team here at Roxanne's.
If you are interested in the position, please stop by and
get an application from Roxanne or Michelle.
Have a great day!