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We're In!
Row-By-Row 2015!


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Just in time for Independence Day!
Happy Birthday, America!

An Update from our German friend and blogger, Gaby..

Hi my American Quiltfriends,
I just want to send you a link to the first of three following blogposts about the Quiltshophop trip Sandra and I made at this great weekend at the end of May.
Although it was vey overwhelming, we had so much fun as you might assume and there were several surpises on our trip through the shops. We really made it in 27 hours (including the night we spend at friends at Atascadero) and visites all shops. Maybe you like to read about it. Therefore I even wrote some texts in English for you. There are many mayne pictures in it as well. Although my English isn't perfect I hope you get a clue what I'm talking about in German.
Feel free to give a comment in the comment area at the bottom of the posts. And on Sunday the next and last post about this crazy trip will be online.

Hope you are all doing fine and if you meet at the Open Sew next time, please say hi to everybody I know.
Miss you girls.
Gaby from Germany

Two Best Friends who still work together!
Can you guess who?

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One of my favorite pictures of Carpinteria Beach early in the morning...
A beautiful sight, the wings reflected on the lightly water-covered sand...
some things are too beautiful to describe, you must see them for yourself.
Take a walk on the beach. Then come and see us!

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